New Equipment

As exclusive distributors of the CHISON brand in Hungary we offer our clients the products of one of the world's largest ultrasound manufacturer companies. CHISON has been developing and manufacturing high quality ultrasound systems for 17 years and has a wide range of products that satisfy physician's demands in all medical areas.  Among our products you can find new generation portable models with excellent image quality, black and white or color Doppler ultrasound systems that were designed for private practices, and high-end, premium models that meet the needs of a clinical environment. CHISON is also famous for creating one of the first touchscreen ultrasound systems in the world that opened a new era in the history of the development of diagnostic equipments. We offer our ultrasound systems to our clients with extremely competitive guarantee conditions to make sure that their investment is secured.

Black and White Ultrasounds

Color ultrasounds

Veterinary ultrasound