Used systems

Purchasing good quality second hand equipment is always a real alternative compared to buying a more expensive new model. This is true for medical equipment as well. Obtaining reliable and profitable assets is always a challenge for medical companies of all kinds: hospitals, private clinics and private practices. Our company helps in achieving this target; with our good quality used systems and probes we offer an affordable solution for a competitive price. Every investment needs to be considered thoroughly. It is important to make the decision after considering all possibilities as it might have a long term effect on the success of our business. To help in the decision making we lined up some arguments on why to choose used systems and Unicrop Biotech ltd.:

We only distribute used ultrasound systems from Western-Europe

Choosing the source of procurement is the most important factor when dealing with the distribution of medical equipment. We have to make sure that the quality meets our requirements and the systems can serve their second owner throughout years. Therefore our company solely purchases ultrasound systems from the same, tested Western-European supplier partners. The turnover rate of medical equipment is higher in these countries because of their economic situation and the introduced incentive tax systems. 4-5 years old systems are often replaced by new ones so the old devices can reappear on the market in perfect working condition.

Our systems are subjected to thorough quality assurance

Even though we only purchase regularly maintained ultrasound equipments, every system undergoes a thorough quality assurance check, delivered by a team of medical professionals and mechanics, before entering Hungary.  To comply with Hungarian laws and regulations we then obtain the necessary licenses in regards of system safety to ensure that no electrical injuries may occur. Only after these quality assurance steps are fulfilled do we start distributing the system to make sure that all systems are in perfect condition.

Two weeks trial period before the purchase

Purchasing medical equipment, used or new, is a big investment therefore requires serious decision-making. The price of a used system might be appealing but it can turn out that it does not meet the expectations during daily work examinations. To ensure that you get a full picture of the image quality, the condition of the probes and the manageability of the chosen system we provide 2 weeks testing period before the decision-making  for free. This way you can make sure that the imaging of the system is appropriate for making accurate diagnosis during everyday work.

We offer cost effective solution for a competitive price

Used medical equipment is a real alternative for all medical practices since used systems can be purchased for  far less than new systems; therefore long term cost effective run can be ensured for a competitive price. There are many tenders available for purchasing new equipment, however, the requirement for high own funds and the amortization costs make it only possible to gain back the procurement cost in case of high patient turnovers. It is also important to know that the cost of spare parts and probes are a lot cheaper in case of used systems. It is worth considering the advantages of purchasing a used system and check our unbeatable prices.

3 months guarantee for each ultrasound system

After the thorough testing we provide three month guarantee for each ultrasound system and probe. Should any failure occur during the guarantee period, we provide an alternate system to you to make sure that your work can continue till the system is repaired.

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